Advantages of Solar Stainless Steel Screw Pumps

The stainless steel screw pump is a single screw type conveying pump. It can also choose different materials in different work scenarios. In the process of transportation, the flow is also very uniform, and the stability of the pressure can also be guaranteed. Compared with centrifugal pumps, screw pumps are more stable in linear flow, and compared with plunger pumps, they have stronger self-priming and strong suction height. Therefore, it has also been widely used in industry.

When the stainless steel single screw pump is working, the liquid is sucked into the sealing space surrounded by the thread and the pump casing. When the active screw rotates, the sealing volume of the screw pump increases the pressure of the screw pump under the extrusion of the screw teeth, and moves in the axial direction. . Since the screw rotates at a constant speed, the liquid outflow flow is also uniform.

The advantages of stainless steel screw pump:

1. Wide range of pressure and flow. The pressure is about 3.4-340 kgf/cm2, and the flow rate can reach 18600cm3/min.

2. Wide range of types and viscosities of liquids to be transported.

3. Because the inertial force of the rotating parts in the pump is low, a high speed can be used.

4. Good suction performance and self-priming ability.

5. The flow is uniform and continuous, with little vibration and low noise.

6. Compared with other rotary pumps, it is less sensitive to incoming gas and dirt.

7. Solid structure, easy installation and maintenance.

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