Type of solar pump

There are several types of solar pumps. We must know which type of solar pump to buy.

There are submersible pumps and ground pumps. Some characteristics of these two pumps are different, which makes them only serve one type of work, not another type.

On the one hand, it should be placed underground. It is mainly used to pump water from the depths, such as well, reservoir or water tank. According to the amount of water to be extracted and the depth of water, there are several capacity of this pump.
On the other hand, it is the name of the ground pump, which can work on the surface. It is mainly used to increase the pressure of poor water supply. For example, in some relatively remote houses, this type of pump is used to increase water pressure. They are also mainly used for irrigation applications.
When you want to modify the irrigation method and improve its efficiency, you can use the surface solar pump. These drip irrigation for orchard and garden, procedural irrigation and when trying to increase its irrigation flow. In all these types, traditional pumps must use pollution fossil fuels. However, the pump uses the energy of the sun and is completely clean.

As for the benefits of irrigation, they are unimaginable. It is just a solar pump it capable of pumping enough water to drip 10 hectares of land.

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