Water pumping with photovoltaic energy

The solar pumping, given the considerable increase in the cost of electricity, is a sustainable alternative for a large number of farmers. This system offers energy and savings for both families and companies that develop an agricultural or livestock activity and wish to increase the efficiency of their exploitation being at the same time respectful of the environment.

As a result of climate change, the water stress that Spain suffers is increasing. The weather in this country is increasingly dry and warm. Spain stands out within Europe as one of the countries with less water. Sample of the increase in difficulty in access to water resources, is that, currently, the amount of rain is approximately 25% lower than that of 50 years ago. In addition, in certain areas of Spain, temperatures have been increased by up to 8 degrees Celsius. As a result of these changes where the rain is lower and the highest temperature, the shortage of water becomes increasingly evident.

To the problem of increasing water stress that Spain suffers, the cost of energy has been considerably increased. In the 2021 and 2022, the price of light has lived a continuous increase, being evident the difference with respect to the amount that was paid in previous years. Therefore, solar pumping with photovoltaic energy is an adequate solution for the challenge of a necessary optimization of water resources and reduction of energy consumption.

What is solar pumping?
The solar pumping, in essence, is a system composed of a hydraulic pump that receives the necessary energy for its operation, directly from photovoltaic panels. In this way, it can be dispensed with food sources such as conventional electricity or diesel. This system also allows water extraction and its distribution in isolated areas where there is no connection to the electricity grid. Therefore, it offers the advantages of an operation that can be carried out through solar energy and, in this way, does not have an impact on costs derived from electrical consumption.

Apart from offering the independence of an electricity supply without depending on the electricity network, its installation is done in a simple way and does not cause large maintenance costs. It is ecological and silent and does not require batteries or fuel. Bluegold, a company endorsed by 17 years of experience successfully developing projects at international level, offers the best technical and economic solution in the market.

Photovoltaic solar system.

Applications of photovoltaic irrigation systems
The uses offered by photovoltaic irrigation systems, have application in the different types of water distribution, both for agricultural farms, and livestock. This application versatility allows the establishment of farms where, due to its remote location, the connection with the electricity grid would mean an unassumable cost. On the other hand, it is also a great ally for those facilities that already have a connection to the network since, thanks to solar energy, they can see their light invoice reduced considerably.

In the case of applications offered by photovoltaic irrigation, it is possible to perform the pumping operation based on solar irradiation, the water being pumped according to the light produced by the panels. It is also possible to perform the pumping according to a certain need for water at a particular moment. In the latter case, it will be necessary to install batteries that allow us to supply the necessary electricity to perform the pumping at night and, thus, adapt the water supply to the need.

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