What is a solar pump? What is its use?

Solar water pump is a kind of pumping DC water and working through solar energy. There are several types of solar pumps, including solar photovoltaic, solar heat pumps and home thermal water pumps stand out.

These water pumps are diving and provided by energy from the sun. Their working methods are similar to other traditional water pumps. The difference is that their power supply is renewable. They are used for farmland irrigation, those who want to pump from the well to extract water, and want to send hot water to the hospital in the shower room. All these have the advantage of low cost, because it provides motivation from energy from the sun.

Like all equipment using renewable energy, solar pumps also have some advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional equipment.

The advantages we found include:

They are 100 % clean and ecological, so they will not leave any types of residues or pollutants.
This is an endless energy because it comes from renewable energy.
In this way, pumping can be pumped in a remote place without a power grid or is difficult to add a diesel tank.
It runs well in many applications. For example, it is used to pump water from the water wells of the house to improve the irrigation water, drip irrigation, and extract dirty water from the water tank or septic pool, the swimming pool, and the water in the reservoir.
The disadvantage is obvious. Like all solar devices, their ability and performance are limited to the energy they can collect from the sun. It is inconvenient to use this type of pump to wait at night. However, when the solar radiation conditions are ideal, the pump will have excellent performance and efficiency.

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