YM1240-30 12v dc solar wells pumps submersible systems water pump mini agriculture solar pumps for irrigation



Solar submersible pumps can solve your long-distance water trouble, which is a sturdy and durable water pump,it can at a maximum depth of  70 meters for your continued to provide 3 to 6 liters / minute of water flow generally used for outdoor long-range water operating.


*Solar-powered submersible pump suitable for wells with a 4 inch diameter or larger.

*Designed to be strong and lightweight.

*Wide-range of parts and kits for easy of rebuilding and repair.

*Great for livestock watering, irrigation, deep well ,remote homes and cabins.



*Strong Construction, yet lightweight.

*Dry Running capability without pump damage.

*Internal Bypass Feature for pump protection.

*Long-life,24VDC Operation.

*Easily repaired in the field.

*State of the art solid diaphragm.

Power Connector

*Unique water-tight gland connector.

*Stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation.

*Quick Disconnect-No splicing necessary.

*Accepts a variety of jacketable cables.



*Strong construction, yet lightweight (2.7kgs,6 lbs).

*Corrosion-proof housing with stainless-steel fasteners.

*Dry running capability without pump damage.

*Internal bypass feature for pump protection.

*Long-life,12VDC/ 24VDC operation.

*Easily repaired in the field.

*State of the art solid diaphragm.

*New product of stainless steel body.

                             Shipping Information
Unit  Weight: 3.5kgs
Unit Size: 24*13.5*13.8 CM
Master Carton Qty: 8pcs
Master Carton Size: 55*29*20CM
Master Carton Weight: 28kgs

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