3SH2.5/5-0.18 2.5T/H Rate flow:2.5T/H Max. lift161m

Advantages Of Jetmaker Solar Water Pump

Struction advantage ensure pump good quality even working environmental extremes. A: Very strong ROI against diesel powered pumping,reducing water production costs and reducing carbon footpriint B: Advanced power management techniques to deliver the most water based on the power available C: Wide range of products to closely match each application and optimize efficiency D: Fast specification,installation and minimal downtime E: Smart modular product design for simple and cost effective product repair F: Powerful inbuilt monitoring and control features provide detailed operational information and simple access to advanced features .

Features Of Jetmaker Solar Water Pump
High Energy Efficiency, motor efficiency is higher about 15-20% than common pump. IP68 / NEMA 3A corrosion resistant housing 0-60HZ motor speed control Wide range of inputs to influence pump behaviour Integrated monitoring and management Including onboard recording of 5 years

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