JMKP370-12C1 dc 12V Mini Water Pump

Mainly uesd for electronic sphygmomanometer, massager, blood pressure monitor, eye nanny, fish tank, intelligent cleaner and other equipment products.


Product Dimension:

Product Specification:
 Rated Voltage DC 12V
 Rated Curren ≤600mA
Air Flow 4-5LPM
Maximum Pressuer ≥80Kpa
(300mmHg) Leakage ≤3mmHg/min
Reatart Voltage ≤DC 9.6V
Noise ≤65dB (30cm away)
Rated Life ≥30000 cycles

Key Description
1 Upper Housing with Clips
2 Check Vlave Assembly
3 Diaphragm Assembly(including screws)
4 Lower Housing Assembly
Key Description
5 Motors
6 Connectors
7 Pump Head Assembly
8 Side Clips

                             Shipping Information
Unit  Weight: 2.7kgs
Unit Size: 26*12.5*10.5CM
Master Carton Qty: 10pcs
Master Carton Size: 63*29*22.5CM
Master Carton Weight: 28kgs

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