1.1KW 4 inch AC220V/DC300V Hybrid Solar Powered Submersible Water Pump

* Maintenance free unattended operation solar water pump system.

* Multistage centrifugal impeller anti-lock & anti-sand pump lift not just clean water.
* Power frequency system & centrifugal pump, reliability performance even harsh conditions.
* Special design low speed starting motor for solar powered system, high energy efficiency.

Advantages of Jetmaker Solar Water Pump
Struction advantage ensure pump good quality even working environmental extremes.
A: Inbuilt dual filters & anti-sand pump head struction setting,
B: Multistage impeller & antilocked design make pump easy work well even muddy water
C: Excellent motor heat cousulation & insulation setting,
D: Extra inner pressure balance device to ensure pump continuous working

Features of Jetmaker Solar Water Pump
High Energy Efficiency, motor efficiency is higher about 15-20% than common pump. Special design for powered by solar system:
Inbuilt controller & MPPT mechatronics design, easy installation direct connect solar panels / battery.
Design pump motor low speed starting,help whole solar pump system stable working.

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